There was time when business websites were considered as a low impact means of advertisement. However, in recent years more businesses are investing substantially on their websites out of necessity, since a website is now considered the greatest advertisement for your product.

 The UK is home to many businesses both large and small.  Having an outdated website can devastate your brand image. Below are some of website trends that most UK businesses are following. 

 -          Responsive Web Design:-          

 o   Responsive Web Design is a technique used for providing the best viewing and user interface experience for a website across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

 -          Parallax Scrolling Effect:-

 o   Parallax Scrolling is a technique that is used for creating web graphics where the image in the background moves slower than the image in the foreground. Using this technique an illusion of depth is achieved using only two dimensional images. An example of the implementation of this effect can be seen in many websites.

 -          Large Images and Fonts:-

 o   More than half of the visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website. In this short time you can convey your message effectively with the use of large fonts and full screen background images. An added benefit is that your website becomes more visually appealing.

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