Choosing the right design elements and following a few basic rules can make sure that your message is being conveyed to your users in a simple and effective manner. For example, clear navigation, clean lines, and a simple layout will make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for on your website. In addition to having a clear understanding of what design elements to use, it is also very important that you website is kept as USABLE as possible. Usability is the ability of a visitor to make use of your website as easily as possible. The word usable also refers to methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process. The following text highlights the important aspects of properly designed and usable small business websites.  

Key Design Constraints:-

-          Consistency:-

o   If individual web pages on your website are consistent, then it makes it easier for your visitors to learn and remember how to use your website. This includes, positioning of buttons, headings, icons and page layout.

-          Coherence:-

o   It is important for your website to be coherent, so that visitors can easily manage information and perform relevant tasks.

-          Information Placement:-

o   Your visitors should be able to locate and see important information on all Small Business Websites, such as contact information.

-          Text Clarity:-

o   The text used for your website should be browser friendly. At the same time you should make sure that you have used appropriate character cases. Your text should be visible even after being printed. And whatever happens, never use a text that is not appropriate for your theme or genre. For example use Comic Sans for a legal website. 

-          Colour:-

o   Like text, colours should also be chosen carefully. That means avoiding illegible and non-browser friendly colour schemes at all cost.

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