The Benefits of Zen Cart Development

Zen Cart was is an open source shopping cart solution that was developed using PHP/MySQL development source code that allows ecommerce developers to completely customise their website. Zen Cart usage is growing rapidly and is being used by various developers and business across the globe. More than 100,000 stores have benefitted from Zen Cart Development. Zen Cart is not only praised for its ecommerce features, it has also been used extensively by retailers. The following text elaborates on the most important benefits of the Zen Cart.

Complete Control:-

The most important feature of Zen Cart is its completely customisable nature and its freedom to be hosted on any server. These two features give you complete control over your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce Features:-

Zen Cart is quick and easy and requires very basic technical knowledge. Zen Cart Development allows for the option of adding multiple languages and almost limitless products. Furthermore, you can download supporting add-ons to give you an edge over other business owners. You can very easily ship the products to your customers by choosing the shipping carrier and mode of transport. You can also very easily select the payment type or payment gateway.


Zen Cart gives you access to performance statistics, with which you can keep track of the products that are doing better than the rest. You can also monitor the users and send them gift cards and other promotional data on a regular basis.

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