The Web Application Development Process

Designing a Web Application is no different from any other large scale Software project. It requires extensive planning, design and implementation. In the following text we have highlighted the most important steps of the Web Application Development Process. We will also briefly describe the importance of each.

 Defining the Purpose, Goals and Direction of the Web Application Development:-

The initial task is the most important and often the most confusing as well as it involves putting together the main goals for the web application development project. Doing so will allow you give more focus to your goals.

Defining Scope and Security Details:-

In this step you will have to establish the types of users, their average ages and gender. You will also need a better idea of the type of security threats that the industry is susceptible to. The same research is needed for the possible security breaches within the audience as well.

Creating a List of Functional Specification Documents:-

This document will mention all the functionalities and technical specifications that will be the outcome of the Web Application Development project. The main goal behind this document is eliminate all confusions regarding the working of the website, by presenting the client a signed copy of the specifications document.

Selection of Technologies and Third Party Vendors:-

During this step, you will have to define the technology, platform and development environment.

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