The Do’s and Don’ts of iOS App Development

iOS has raised the bar in terms of excellent User Interface Design and Functionality. The operating system offers an excellent user experience with its engaging and continuous design. However, if you wish to start iOS App Development, there are some design considerations that you must know of before you begin. The following text mentions the do’s and don’ts of iOS App Development.

Formatting Content:-

When creating a screen layout, make sure that your screen elements properly fit within the size of your screen so that users can view the content without having to scroll horizontally or zoom.

Touch Controls Only:-

Make User Interface Elements that are design for touch gestures so that interaction with your app can be easy.

Touch Points:-

If you are IOS App Development requires On Screen Buttons, make sure that they are at least 44 × 44 pixels so that they can be easily touched with one finger.

Text Size, Contrast and Spacing:-

Text needs to be at least 11 points so that it is easily readable without having to zoom. The contrast between text and background colour should promote legibility. There should be sufficient spacing between text and headings as well. Text that is too crammed together is always difficult to read.


The Images that you display on your app should be of high resolution so that they are not blurred after being zoomed in. Their aspect ratio should also prevent distortion.

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