Every business knows that a website is an essential selling tool and if you are looking to reach your clients through ecommerce, then speak with us.

At Direct Solutions we have many years of experience in ecommerce website development and our client list includes a wide range of businesses in various industries. We build ecommerce websites for businesses of all sizes.

What is an ecommerce website?

An ecommerce website is built as a portfolio of the products you wish to sell, just like a retail shop.

The website must be easy to navigate and the products easy to find. There will be a client login area and a payment processor so that you can accept debit and credit cards. An Ecommerce Website will store the sales information in an inventory and website management area to which only you will have access.

Your ecommerce website can be complemented by an app for iOS, android and Microsoft and this provides an additional platform through which to sell your products.

Before starting any ecommerce website project we will take the time to fully understand your business and make sure that your bespoke ecommerce website works for you. We can then help with promoting the website across the internet and our team includes professionals in search engine and social media marketing. Of course if you have an ecommerce website developed then you must promote it through SEO and other available tools such as social media.

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