It is estimated that shoppers withdraw from six out of ten online shopping carts. Consumers have specific requirements regarding their sales transactions and websites that don’t meet those requirements risk losing sales.

Keeping in mind what makes a customer happy, below is a list of the most common Do’s of E-commerce Websites:-

Descriptions should be Detailed:-

Online shoppers do not have the luxury of touching or closely inspecting an item before making a purchase. With the help of product descriptions and high-quality images taken from different angles a better judgment can be made.

Searching should be Organised:-

An ecommerce site Bolton should be organised using some logical menu structure which is easy to use. The search function should be able to function using any given criteria, including price, brand, item type, warranty status, etc.

Useful Suggestions:-

When a purchase is made, it is a good idea to make a useful suggestion. Doing so will allow the customers to know what other additional items are available. This will also give the customer a better idea of what other items should be purchased to complement their current purchase.

Prioritise High levels of Security:-

Your customers should feel safe and secure in making payments while on your website. Third-party payment processors like PayPal can be incorporated in your payments system as they are trusted all over.

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